A Brief History of St. Bridget College Alitagtag

Don Diego Gloria of Alitagtag, Batangas and his wife Jacoba Panopio from Bauan, Batangas, a couple with a vision who placed high value on education, donated  a four-hectare lot situated in Brgy Dominador East, Alitagtag, Batangas to the Religious of Good Shepherd Sisters (RGS) who own and administer St. Bridget College Batangas. The deed of donation was signed on February 2, 1949, a day after the feast day of St. Bridget of Ireland, after whom the school was named. The donation was received by Sr. Mary Dominica Long, the Superior of the Batangas Community in 1949.

St. Bridget College Alitagtag marked its beginning at the groundbreaking on December 15, 2006. On this historic day, Atty. Luisito Gloria, a representative of the heirs of Don Diego, turned over to the Good Shepherd Sisters through Sr. Mary Lydia Ebora, RGS, a metal plate of the subdivision plan of the property of Don Diego Gloria done in 1949. On the metal plate is engraved the name St. Bridget College on the portion of the donated property.

Faithful to the Church and the mission of St. Mary Euphrasia, “to strengthen faith and reform morals”, and looking out to the societal needs and challenges, the Religious of the Good Shepherd (RGS) who established St. Bridget College Alitagtag forged ahead in her MISSION OF EDUCATION fostering a caring community of COMPETENT, COMPASSIONATE PERSONS OF INTEGRITY.

On March 22, 2007, At. Bridget College Alitagtag and Ayala Foundation, Inc. signed a mutual contract entering into a partnership wherein Ayala Foundation agrees to enroll in SBCA selected CENTEX scholars who graduated at CENTEX-Bauan. Both parties commit to a curriculum for the High School course in support of the vision-mission of SBCA.

Cognizant of the role of the laity in post modern times and heeding the call of the church for the lay people’s responsibility to build a JUST society. St. Bridget College Alitagtag is working towards lay empowerment, training the faculty and staff in the principles and skills of lay leadership and entrusting them with positions of responsibility.

The Department of Education’s prescribed curriculum is enhanced by having all the areas taught in English except Filipino and with human and timeless gospel values and by a thrust towards WOMEN, JUSTICE, PEACE and the INTEGRITY OF CREATION.

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart”
– St. Mary Euphrasia