Bridgetines to bring virtual CATECHISM to the youth / children of the RGS ministry amidst the covid-19 pandemic

Training and Pre-demonstration of the Bridgetine Catechists

Bearing in one’s heart the teachings and examples of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, St. Bridget College Alitagtag Inc. continues to share the Bridgetine legacy of compassion and service to others especially to our youth under the RGS Ministry through Catechetical Instruction. It aims to guide the youth as they form a deeper connection and closer relationship with our Shepherd God through Christian Faith Formation in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.  For the past thirteen (13) years, SBCA has been expressing said apostolate of catechizing pupils from the public school. At this new normal, the Grade 10 and Grade 11 Bridgetines have committed and showed their willingness to express God’s love and goodness through Catechism to be done virtually on the weeks of April and May for four (4) consecutive Saturdays. Trainings were facilitated by Ms. Eleonor S. Almazan, Ms. Rose Marnie R. Manding and Ms. Gina O. Carretero prior to the Catechism Apostolate in February 2021 and April 2021. Part of the trainings was the pre-demonstration teaching of the Bridgetine Catechists on April 12, 2021 which was conducted with Sr. Ma. Ańanita A. Borbon, RGS, school head and with Ms. Santa S. Embalsado, school principal where they used the topic on God’s 7 Days of Creation as the whole world also celebrates the International Earth Day. The following are the Bridgetine Catechists for SY 2020-2021:

1. Kathleen Ingrid J. Alonzo
2. Joshua Cain A. Besagre
3. Samantha M.  Candava
4. Dave Ryan M. Carable
5. Jhercyn Ynah Louise C. Castillo
6. Mae Jewel S. Castillo
7. Kristine D. Catanyag
8. Norwen Laurenz C. Cruzat
9. Reichelle M. De la Cruz
10. Stephanie Angel C. Dimaunahan
11. Josh Val Emman R. Esguerra
12. Coreen Nehry Rose V. Robles
13. Yuan Rhoi G. Robles
14. Matt Johnjosh A. Rosales
15. Harold C. San Jose
16.Lance Harvey M.  Sibayan
1. Elmar Johann E. Boniel
2. Marius Lorenzo V. Dolor
3. Jenz Hedrich S. Endaya
4. France V. Reveche
5. Wilhelm Jeffrey V. Rosal

SBCA is grateful to the dedication and commitment of these young Catechists as they are also equally thankful being chosen as Bridgetine Catechists for Year 2021.

msgina & msmarnie