It is very undeniable that in an instant, people of all walks of life across the globe have made tremendous adjustments in their lifestyles brought about by COVID-19 pandemic. As bewildering as the COVID-19 pandemic has been for everyone, this phenomenon, without a doubt, has also given rise to incredible creativity and unbelievable innovations. Scrambling in this new world nowadays are people connecting with others in a personal, creative and human way in special spaces through virtual platforms. In the field of education, shining at present are schools that have remained highly-spirited, fearless and determined to brave the pandemic just to be able to deliver their   educational mission to people who have put their trust on them.

It is indeed a great pride that despite the presence of this life-taking pandemic, a humble school in  Alitagtag, St. Bridget College Alitagtag Inc., SBCA, has let its light continue to shine by taking necessary innovations consciously, cautiously and carefully.

True enough, SBCA has moved online to be able to deliver school instructions while there are stay-at-home ordinances and mandates. Indeed, this is a big tough change but SBCA has embraced this with positivity and strong determination. Somehow threatened by the pandemic phenomenon, SBCA looks at this new transition in the educational system as a new opportunity for all Bridgetines to gain new skills and experiences that could make them stronger and more   competent individuals in the future. Synchronous video tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, modules on LMS and other online platforms have become the active channels of the school to deliver live lessons to students. It can’t be  denied though that   before the pandemic, SBCA has been utilizing a host of teaching and educational technologies in the classroom and in the offices. This has helped everyone cope with the new situation with confidence. In addition to technology, tough trainings and  tightly-scheduled experimentation with delivery methods such as blended learning and other academic preparations have been facilitated virtually during lockdown and quarantine days to prepare the teachers and staff for the opening of classes.

While a lot of schools including SBCA really scrambled over a lot of things during this tough time, anxiety didn’t just end there. Worries have become on a sudden rise around the school network. Students and parents have put much stress on themselves as well while mounting to their usual home responsibilities. The  agonizing thoughts as to how schooling in this time of new normal will really look like had    alleviated. Every  member of the school has different apprehensions and   inquiries to school    looking for reassurance and guidance on what to do. Despite all the     tensions, SBCA has remained  resilient. All the members of the faculty and staff, inspired with the noble mission of the school, moved as one great team to be able to make planned things work well. And with all the Bridgetines of Alitagtag united in both physical and virtual space, SBCA will continue to let its light shine for all.