Solidarity Mission for Typhoon Victims


Diocese of Virac, Catanduanes

through its LINGAP PASTOL PROGRAM . . .

Inclusive Dates:

            Departure from Alitagtag             –           December 6, 2020 (6:30 AM)

            Departure from Virac                    –           December 11, 2020


Toyota Hi Ace (PLATE No.  DAD 2655) Passengers:

Sr. Maria Añanita Atienza Borbon52 years old
Sr. Maria Ailyn Echane Binco50 years old
Sr. Niña Auriada Niño30 years old
Ms. Santa Suarez Embalsado46 years old
Mr. Dennis Harina Loria42 years old
Mr. Reggie Maranan Balmes31 years old

CLOSED Van Passengers (Drivers) Plate No: AAK 2331 – provided by the PHOENIX PUBLISHING HOUSE

Mr. Erlito Cortez35 years old
Mr. Jeroel Abayon43 years old
DateActivitiesVenue / PlaceRemarks
December 4  Secured necessary travel permit and medical clearance  Alitagtag Municipal OfficeTRAVEL DOCUMENTS and MEDICAL CLEARANCE for everyone were easily obtained from Alitagtag Municipal Office  
December 6   7:30 AM     8:30 PMLoading of all the goods   Travel to Tabaco, Albay     Overnight stay in a pensione houseSBCA         Tabaco City, AlbayThe closed van contained all the goods that we need to bring – thank you very much Phoenix Publishing House  
December 7 6:00 AM     11:30   2:00               3:30     4:30      Travel to Virac:  Penafrancia Shipping Company   Arrival at Virac Port   Meeting with Bishop Manolo and Fr. Atoy, social action director of the Diocese           Unload the Relief Goods and separated all the used clothing   Delivered all used clothing to the parish of Fr. Butch            Fiat, Diocese of Virac             CGS Convent, Virac     Baras Catanduanes  Thank you, Sir Tony   Sr. Mela Alvarez welcomed us   The Bishop welcomed us warmly and served us with coffee and cakes We donated Php 25,000. cash and the parish of Ms. Annie gave him 10,000 (in check) from their parish       Fr. Arcilla received the used clothes
December 8 9:00             1:00 PM       4:00 PM  Attended the Eucharistic celebration – Feast of the Immaculate Conception         Re-packed the goods for easy distribution     Brought the repacked goods to the parish for distribution and had a meeting with Fr. Joey, the parish priest     RELIEF GOODS: 223 households (from 2 barangays) received mosquito nets, mats, blankets, towels, food packs – rice, canned goods, water, hygiene kits, alcohols      Cathedral of the Immaculate conception, Virac         CGS Convent       St. Joseph Parish, Buyo – Virac Catanduanes    Bishop Manolo presided the Eucharistic celebration with all the clergy and launched the celebration of the 500 years of Christianity   The drivers of Pheonix Publishing House were a big help to us   Initial planning was done how distribution of goods can be properly handled   Decided to provide food for the typhoon victims who will come to receive the goods because they need to cross 36 rivers with chest deep waters and will walk for 3 – 5 hours   The parish offered to cook “pansit bato” which we intend to serve to them with bread  
December 9 8:00     8:30 – 3:30 PM                                                   5:00 PM                             6:45    Travel to the parish for the relief operation   Prepared food packs for the beneficiaries (pancit bato, bread and bottled water) Started repacking the cooked food   Women, men, children started to come to get the prepared stuff for them.                                   Faith – sharing and processing of the activities with the entire team except for the two drivers from Phoenix who left early morning on that day.                     Dinner is served      Buyo, Virac Catanduanes                                                       CGS Convent We donated Php 10,000. to the sisters (the chapel of the sisters is damaged)                   Dining area of the CGS          As suggested by the priest, the group prepared the food packs that includes cooked pansit and the bread with water so that the people can go right away because it started to rain hard and the water in the river can again rise   Lunch was served by the parish   While waiting for the people to come, we visited the area where we can see how the people crossed the rivers just to get relief goods. The water in the river is up to their chest. This is just the first river to cross – there are 35 more rivers to reach their community   We were asked to share our experiences, thoughts, feelings (before, during and after) the activities   We also shared the word of God that we kept in our hearts in this solidarity mission   And we also shared our learnings / “baon” as we go back home   Thank you, Cyril, for sponsoring the delicious food for us
December 10 4:00                 10:30   11:30       12:30       7:00  Off from Palta to San Andres to get the boat to Tabaco We donated Php 10,000. To Sr. Mela (the roof of the place where she is staying is damaged)       Arrival at Tabaco Port   Lunch and Halo – Halo at DCJ       Visited GSH, Legaspi community     Settled at the “Amigos” to rest in preparation for the long – day travel back to Batangas the following day                          Tiwi, Albay       San Roque, Legaspi City     Albay          Because we were not aware that there is a need for an early reservation in the ship, it was a challenge to finally get the booking and be accommodated at 8:00 trip       We enjoyed the simple lunch and delicious halo-halo served at DCJ   Sr. Angge and Sr. Daisy welcomed us and served us with “nilupak” from Ben’s Bakers  
December 11 4:30 AM   4:30 PM  Travel to Batangas   Arrival at SBCA   Thank you, God, for the safe travel and a successful SOLIDARITY MISSION for the typhoon victims of Virac, Catanduanes  


Mrs. Essy Malibiran   

Mrs. Mayette Dizon

Ms. Denia de los Reyes

Mrs. Florence Torralba

Mrs. Vicky Cueto – Hernaez

Mr. Arthur Mercado

Mr. Efren Borbon

Ms. Evelyn Borbon

Ms. Mylen San Juan

Ms. Nicetas Valencia

Ms. Dinna Perez Remo

Ms. Rhona Bautista

Ms. Rachella Florentino

Ms. Tess Barsaga

Mrs. Noni Pulhin

Mrs. Pam Benito

SBCA Student Council

Parents of SBCA

Lingap Pastol Program (SBCA Out-reach Program)

Phoenix Publishing House      

Bukid Kabataan Center – Cavite

NEO Catechumenal Group – c/o Vic and Nilda Manansala

Tanging Yaman Foundation – c/o Fr. Manoling Francisco

Professional Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE) – Batangas

Association of Filipino Teachers and Educators in America (AFTEA, Inc)

Queen of All Saints Parish, Tanauan Batangas

Anonymous Donors (for cash and relief goods)